3 Ideas for Turning Your Home Into a Winter Haven

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Winter is a beautiful time of year and it's also the perfect time to get cozy at home. If you're looking for some creative ideas on how to decorate your home or need some inspiration, we've got you covered with these three winter-ready projects.

Look 1: The British study

The vibe: This look is a perfect fit for a snowy winter day. Filled with shelves of leather-bound tomes, tufted chesterfield sofas and focused lighting from brass sconces, the study is the perfect spot to curl up with a favorite novel, enjoy a cup of tea or nap away the afternoon.

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Built-in bookcases can get expensive, but two or three flat-pack units arranged tightly in a row can nearly fill a wall without breaking the budget. Fill the shelves with as many books as you can find — the fuller the better. Check out garage sales, thrift shops, and library clearance sales for additional hardback books if you’re short.

While you may not have a tufted leather sofa on hand, any love seat positioned in front of the bookcases will look dramatic. Instead of square throw pillows, try round bolsters in the corners for a more formal style. A vintage-style rug is perfect underneath.

For the coziest of lighting in the evenings, add sconces to your bookcases. Inexpensive clip-on downlights work perfectly in a pinch. Floor reading lamps placed behind the sofa are another great option to pull this room together. 

Look 2: The Scandinavian chalet

The vibe: Crisp white paint, whitewashed wood, and neutral furnishings make even the gloomiest of days feel bright.

This aesthetic is definitely modern, yet it’s touched with woodsy rusticity and directly connected to nature. Winter-friendly accessories bring in a bit more comfort and prevent the space from feeling cold.

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Compatible with the popular all-white color scheme, the Scandinavian chalet look can be achieved with a few tweaks — some more involved than others.

For an amazing yet affordable chalet transformation, consider covering one wall in inexpensive pine boards. This is ideal for around a fireplace, especially. You can run them horizontally or vertically, and you may choose to either paint them to match your other walls or seal them with a whitewash or light gray stain. Embrace irregularities and small gaps between the boards — they’ll give you the modern, woodsy touch that makes these spaces memorable.

A defined seating area can be achieved by using a generously scaled rug. Build on this surface’s natural color and texture with pieces of upholstery. If your furniture isn’t neutral, try slipcovering it or even tossing a large canvas drop cloth over it.

A stack of substantial floor pillows encourages a more relaxed gathering beside the fire or around a board game. And a faux sheepskin throw or two will further warm the space. For accessories, try hanging a white papier-mache deer mount over your hearth and stacking paper birch logs beside the fireplace. For lighting, over-scale paper lanterns affixed to a simple plug-in pendant light make a big 1970s Scandinavian statement at minimal cost.

Look 3: The boho nest

The vibe: Longing for the warm colors of summer? This look brings them indoors using tapestries, artwork, and an abundance of houseplants.

Layering is the key, with floors covered by an arrangement of inexpensive flat-weave rugs, upholstery draped in throws and embroidered pillows, and groupings of mixed-media art on the walls.

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While many seeking the boho style focus on white walls as a backdrop, you can create a warmer space with a bold color or dark earth tone. Paint one or more of your living room walls to invite contrast. Start building your nest from the floor up. Instead of purchasing one large expensive rug, try layering a mixture of smaller and more affordable rugs of varying styles and colors for an eclectic and relaxed feel.

If you have walls that feel a little barren, consider draping them with floor-to-ceiling curtains. This will envelop and soften the edges of the room. If pre-made ones aren’t in the budget, you can easily make your own perfectly fitted drapes with fabric. Create a simple hem around the edges with a quick pass through the sewing machine or a little bit of ironing with hem tape. Use ring clips to attach the fabric panels to curtain rods.

Make your living room extra comfortable with a little help from nature. Fill planters throughout the space with lush, leafy houseplants to promote warmth and energy in any season. Work on that seating area! If you’re looking for an affordable way to build up some cozy easy chairs or sofas , try layering them.

A gallery wall can also give your living room a warmer feel. While typical galleries consisting solely of framed art tend to be the decorating norm, you can keep the look fresh and more bohemian by integrating a broader spectrum of art types. Hang clay or wood pieces, textile art, paper sculptures and even wall-clinging plants — like staghorn ferns — to give your gallery wall life and personality.

Incorporating even a couple of different accent pieces can add warmth to your space and make it even more inviting. A few ideas: try a colorful kilim pillow, woven baskets, brass or copper accents, or an eclectic mix of framed art.

What’s your favorite way to warm up your living room for winter?