4 Signs You Might Need Roof Repairs

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By: Nicole Garner

This Spring has certainly brought some interesting weather to the Greater Houston area.  We have seen everything from regular thunderstorms to tornadoes and softball sized hail.  It's been said many times, if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes... it will change.  But all that crazy weather can take a toll on one of the most important parts of your home.

Your roof is a critical part of your home. Protecting you from the elements all year round, your roof takes the brunt of any weather that comes through your town. Daily exposure to harsh weather can lead to wear and tear, which can sometimes lead to issues that need repair. It isn’t always obvious when your roof needs a fix, but here are some indicators that it may be time to call a roofer.

1. It Looks Worn

It might seem obvious, but if your roof looks bad, that might indicate it needs a repair. When your shingles appear damp and worn, it means they’re holding moisture and no longer fully able to do their job. If the shingles are cracked or curling up at the corners, they are at a point that they may fall out and will need fixed or replaced.  Additionally, if you are starting to see shingles on the ground, it means that you have areas that are conducive to water penetration.

2. You Have A Leak

Do you have any ceiling wet stains? Though you may not notice them at first, wet spots can be the first indicator that precipitation is leaking through your roof and into your ceiling. You will want to get this fixed as soon as you notice it to prevent further water damage to your house interior.

3. The Roof Is Sagging

If you roof isn’t in a straight line, it is sagging. This means it is definitely time to call a roofing company because serious structural damage can occur if sagging is not remedied.

4. You Can See The Light

This is the one time you don’t want to see the light - and that is when you are looking up at your roof. If light can penetrate your roof, so can plenty of other things. If you ever have any light leaks, get the crack filled as soon as possible.

In the wake of severe storms, many roofing companies will provide free inspections and assist with filing insurance claims.  When engaging a new contractor of any type, make sure they are properly insured and you have copies of their certificate for your records... and NEVER pay in advance for work not yet performed.