Is the Real Estate market shifting?

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Real Estate

Some of the questions I most frequently get asked, are those surrounding current market activity and predicting movement patterns.

How is the market REALLY doing?

Should I wait to buy/sell?

Do you think the market will crash?

This seems to be a hot topic for conversation at the water cooler. An anticipated crash or "correction" in the market has been the buzz phrase since Covid but the reality is that while we have seen drastic changes in available inventory and interest rates, the overall real estate market is still active with buyers and sellers.

While some may have extensive financial knowledge, most rely on professional advice when deciding whether to enter the real estate market and when. 

Many are concerned that the real estate market will crash because of what happened in the early 2000's. While history can repeat itself, the circumstances of today's real estate market are different from that of two decades ago.

Learn what the market is doing and the direction it may be headed towards so you can make an educated decision about where you live. Click HERE for a concise guide with a few signs to watch for that are indicative of a market shift. For a deeper dive, feel free to message me for information regarding your specific area.